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Soufflé au Chocolat website

                         Written by
                                  Michel Duran

                                 CMHL/Leo Cinema

                         Directed by
                                 Fred Goldstein/Michel Duran

                                 Fred Goldstein

                         Music by
                                 Marc Baril


      Your Second Fifty - 93 mn - Trailer 1 ailer)

DOP - Editor


 Soufflé au Chocolat - 89 mn - Trailer - Eng Subs

DOP - Camera - Editor - Co-Producer - Co-Director


The Film: Soufflé au Chocolat is a sexy romantic comedy/drama
“French style,” with the feel of films like Sideways, The Decline of the American Empire, Summer of 42 and The Notebook. Propelled by witty dinner table conversations taut with emotional undercurrents, this modern character-driven story about love, sex and relationships explores those quirky unforgettable moments in life when you decide to throw caution to the wind. Shot entirely on Galiano Island and Vancouver, Soufflé au Chocolat is a coming-of-age story for adults with all the anxiety and enchantment of reliving your teen years. “It’s a typical French film based on the intertwining sex lives of singles and married couples, but it’s mostly about relationships,” said Fred Goldstein, who Co-Produces and Co-Directs the independent movie with Michel Duran. “It’s a timely film that explores our inner lives and inter-relationships.'' The film stars actors from both France and Quebec, many of whom now make their home in the Lower Mainland. Featuring breathtaking footage of Vancouver and Canada’s west coast, the bulk of the movie takes place on Galiano Island, a little slice of Canadian paradise reminiscent of the French Riviera. Soufflé au Chocolat is a co-production between CMHL Enterprises and Leo Cinema. In French, with English subtitles.







Rick Love, Michel Duran and Erica Bulman, Soufflé au chocolat,
Sonoma Film Festival 2013



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